About Mercedes


Hola! I’m Mercedes Guzman! 

A dreamer born and raised in El-salvador, with a passion that could never be defeated even in a war zone or spending my afternoons as a child working at the market place. My love for life has always brought me to follow my heart and have faith in what is. This led me to experience miracle after miracle from a very young age.

In 1992, I moved to the United States. Yet little did I know how much life was going to force me to grow and heal my childhood wounds from the inside-out.

As time went by and with homeschooling 5 children, I began experiencing anxiety and despair that I didn’t know where it was coming from. Everything from the outside looked perfect yet my heart was in pain. This is when my journey of healing my inner child emerged and magic unfolded in front of my eyes changing my life forever.


Through my 13 years of inner child experience including teaching workshops nationally and internationally, working with politicians, entrepreneurs, coaches-executives and many others, as well as having my own radio show and being featured on many tv stations, I can help you transform your life by using ICLP (Inner Child love Process) a powerful technique that I developed throughout the years and that will teach you how to love yourself unconditionally.

Just like you, I am a lover of life yet looking back at my past, I realize how much my childhood wounds sabotaged everything I desired for myself, whether it was in career, relationships or even self-image.

My technique ICLP helped me:

  • Experience freedom to be who I am and to express myself fully
  • Create and witness abundance in every moment
  • Trust that life is my friend instead of my enemy
  • Take care of myself and put my needs first in every area of life
  • Appreciate and accept who I am even when I’m not at my best
  • Manifest everything that I want financially, emotionally and most importantly spiritually

I’m known to be honest, compassionate and passionate about coaching heart and spiritual-centered inner child teachings. And, my commitment to you is to bring the best of my experience to help you heal every aspect of your life that needs your attention.

Professional Bio

Mercedes Guzman is the creator of ICLP, powerful technique to heal your inner child. She is an inspirational speaker, teacher and a reverend. She worked with thousands of people helping them heal their past and transform their lives. Mercedes has been featured in many magazines, radio shows and television such as CNN, FORBES, TELEMUNDO, Univision, AIB, Televisa, Defiesta magazine and Mundo hispanico. Join more than 9000 followers on facebook and get daily inspirations from Mercedes. You can also find her inner child videos on youtube.